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A Charaidean,

              Anthony Malcolm, K.C.H.J., K.L.J., FSA Scot."It is with great pleasure and pride that we welcome you to the Quebec Thistle Council Website. At a time when the cultures of many groups are being obliterated through absorption into the collectivity, we are endeavouring to maintain and preserve the Scottish culture and traditions brought to Quebec by our forefathers.

Yours aye,
Peter McAuslan

The Late T.R. Anthony Malcolm, K.C.H.J., K.L.J., FSA Scot.
Mr. Malcolm passed on Friday, July 19, 2013


Below are the features that you will find on this site.
The Quebec Thistle Council has approved the granting of awards comprising specially struck medals and guilded certificates for those nominees proposed by the various organizations represented on the Council. Awards will be given for outstanding performances in various fields of endeavor, including all Scottish sport, craft, dancing, music, prose, poetry as well as special awards to those who, through their hard work and achievement have contributed to the preservation and maintenance of Scottish culture and traditions in the Province of Quebec.
Here you will find the member Scottish community members including both the Thistle Council's Charter members and some of the more recent members.
Watch this section for the latest in Scottish events in Quebec. Inquiries about these events can be made directly to the participating organizations.
Whether it is to learn Gaelic, highland dancing, Scottish Country dancing bagpipes, fiddle, or highland drumming you will find these a valuable on-line resource.
Scottish clothing, dancing supplies, reeds are just a few of the items you will find here.
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